Explore the Night Train

The famous George Pullman has outdone himself once again! In preparation for this historic trans-continental adventure, Pullman has created the most luxurious passenger experience yet. Outfitted with a complete kitchen and dining car, a relaxing lounge area, and two sleeper cars, the Night Train affords every amenity imaginable to its blessed passengers.

Take a look inside and see the wonders of the Gilded Age!

The Engine

The Night Train has a 2–8-0 steam engine fueled by subbituminous coal. Outfitted with an automatic brake system, this engine is one of the safest and most efficient models on the railroad today. Will Mallard is often found in the boiler room. There he monitors the train’s speed and helps Jerry, the fireman, shovel coal into the furnace and keep the water in the tank at its appropriate level.

The Dining Car

Through intentional, innovative design the kitchen space contains everything necessary to create fresh, delectable meals three times a day. Rosie Johnson runs the kitchen on the Night Train. The dining area itself is modeled after the luxurious Delmonico Restaurant. With a golden ceiling, delicate chandeliers, plush red seats, and crisp white table cloths, this compact dining car rivals the culinary experiences of New York and Chicago.

First Sleeper Car

There are two sleeper cars on this Pullman Night Train. Each private roomette is equipped with a couch, the signature Pullman fold down bed, a wash stand and chest of drawers for your convenience. If you need anything at all, do not hesitate to ask one of our Pullman Porters to help you in ironing clothes, shining shoes, or fetching new pillows. The porters take down the beds each night and put them away each morning so you have optimal use of your private space during the day.