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Will Mallard

Will is a Civil War veteran who has spent his life on the railroad. He grew up in Chicago. His father worked on the railroad and brought him in to lay track when he was a teenager. Will met his wife, Louise, when he was stationed in Virginia. This is their fifteenth year of marriage. Hard working, humble, resilient, Will is responsible for creating a familial culture among the Night Train crew.

“This trip is going to be difficult. But it’s worth doing. Sometimes we need to do things because they are hard.”

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Crew Log
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Will Mallard
Chicago, Illinois
Train manager and engineer.
High school graduate. Has worked on the railroad for twenty years.
Tells stories. Sings old railroad songs. Sketches maps and little drawings for Edith and Paul.
What words do you live by?
Don’t stop until the end of the rails.
Why are you on the Night Train?
Mr. Pullman offered me an incredible opportunity to lead this train on a journey from Chicago to Sacramento. I am happy to be here, to care for my crew and passengers, and to explore more of my beautiful country.
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