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Kate Smith

Kate Smith was raised in a wealthy New York family. She has always run in sophisticated social circles (she is acquainted with the Alva Vanderbilt) and devoted herself to the arts. She takes great pride in her cultivated tastes, good health, and respectable family. Kate is a widely traveled woman, though she has never been out west before. Her prefered mode of travel is trains. In particular, Pullman trains. She is a loyal customer. Rudie Ackerman once featured her in an exclusive Pullman advertisement. That interview is one of her fondest memories.

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Train Log

Night Train: 
Passenger Log
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Kate Smith
Katherine (Kate) Florence Smith
New York City.
A patron of the arts.
I had an excellent tutor and my father sent me to Mrs. Gibson’s finishing school.
My nephew actually dabbles in politics. He could become a senator, if he wanted to. Republican, of course
Knitting. Hosting. Matchmaking.
What words do you live by?
Health and manners are the pillars of every well ordered life.
Why are you on the Night Train?
My son, Theodore, Jr., lives in Chicago. This ticket was his Christmas present to me. He knows how dearly I love to be a part of everything new and exciting. Pullman cars are the most healthy way to travel. Worlds better than Webster Wagner’s filthy excuses for sleeper cars. Everything from the dining car food to the soft pillows and firm mattresses has clearly been chosen with the utmost care.
What can we do to improve your Pullman experience?
I’d like to request the addition of lamb on the Delmonico Dining Car menu. The health benefits are marvelous