Railroad Barons

George Pullman

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George Pullman

George Pullman’s father was an engineer and inventor who worked on the Erie Canal. Though George himself dropped out of school to work and help support his family, the odd jobs as a grocery clerk and a carpenter gave him unexpected skills that would be invaluable to the formation of his Pullman Empire. His idea for the signature pull down berth that would make Pullman Sleepers so successful came to him after a very uncomfortable train ride. George is now a railroad baron. An unquestionably successful man. He and his wife, Harriet, live in Chicago with their daughter, Florence. Their second daughter, Harriet, is married. George disowned his sons.

​​”You have all remained faithful to Pullman when we were besieged with mishaps and malignant news coverage. In turn, Pullman will remain faithful to you.”

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Train Log

Night Train: 
Private Car
Ticket No. 
Chicago, Illinois
Sleeper Car No. 
Pullman Company
Roomette No. 
December 31, 1879
George Pullman
New York
Railroad baron. Sleeping car tycoon. Founder of Pullman Sleeper Car Company. Engineer. Industrialist.
College dropout.
Republican. Robert Todd Lincoln is my dear friend and practically my adopted son.
Drawing up plans for Pullman City. Creating Pullman rule books.
What words do you live by?
Luxury. Safety. Reliability!
Why are you on the Night Train?
What can we do to improve your Pullman experience?