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Extra, extra! Read all about it! The Merry Beggars is launching a contest for a chance to win your very own On the Night Train poster!

To enter, create a piece of artwork based on the Night Train. It can be a painting, drawing, or anything you can imagine!

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The Story

All aboard!

It’s 1879! Edith and Paul Mallard climb aboard the Night Train as it races the Midnight Express across America! But as accidents delay their journey, a mysterious plot of sabotage begins to emerge. Will Edith and Paul Mallard solve the mystery of the Night Train? Or is their journey doomed to disaster?

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Meet The


Hop on board the Night Train with Edith and Paul Mallard in their great train adventure from Chicago to Sacramento! Meet the Railroad Barons, laugh with the Night Train crew, and discover the eccentric personalities of the passengers on board.

Edith Mallard

Mallard Family

Edith is a sweet, empathetic girl who takes her responsibility as Paul’s big sister very seriously.

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Paul Mallard

Mallard Family

Paul is a loveable imp who is curious about the whys and hows of everything.

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Will Mallard

Mallard Family

Will is a diligent, kind hearted father and leader.

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Louise Mallard

Mallard Family

A loyal, logical, warm mother and wife. She will go to great lengths to protect her husband and her children.

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Harold Milton


A kind, resilient young man who lives his life for his family.

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Sam Lewis


Sam is a constant source of railroad wisdom with detailed accounts of historic railroad crashes at the ready to forecast a worst case scenario for every situation.

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George Crocker


A pragmatic Chicago lawyer who is unimpressed by the Night Train and its historic journey.

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Mary Diamond


A fashionable lady interested in riding the luxurious Night Train for the brilliant experience.

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The Train Cars

Climb inside!

Climb inside the train and discover the beauty of George Pullman’s Night Train. With the very latest 1864 Sleeper Car designs and a Dining Car to rival New York’s best restaurants, the Pullman Night Train ensures a luxurious passenger experience unmatched in the country. Discover the glory of the American railroad.

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Map of the Race

The Race of the Century!

The Midnight Express and the Night Train are racing each other from Chicago to Sacramento! Webster Wagner and George Pullman are facing off in the war of the Railroad Barons. Get your copy of the latest maps of the race, track the progress of the Night Train, and find out the winner of the Race of the Century!